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Value Proposition of PTE

  • Established since 1998

  • Always specialized in networking products

  • Strong in Voice/Data and Security sectors

  • Synergy across product lines

  • Focus on channel sales

  • Proven sales achievement 

  • Proven marketing campaigns

How do we work with you?

  • Start-up accelerator

  • Outsourced sales team

  • Dedicated account management

  • Vendor funded head support

  • Corporate downsizing revenue protection

  • Due diligence test research

Who have we worked for?

  • Founders have worked for 10 start-ups in the past
  • As employees we have worked for IBM/Wang/Digital/Artisoft/Spider/Shiva & many others
  • Click here for more information on our clients and former clients

Where can we help?

  • From many offices throughout Europe

  • By giving you local presence immediately

  • With personal knowledge of the channel

  • By using our contact ‘KnowledgeBase’ of top specialist partners in each major country profiled by market sector

  • Use of telemarketing in six European languages for channel and end-user demand-creation activities

Why use us?

  • Results orientated and very cost effective
  • Focus on your technology and business
  • Knowledge of what we are doing - we have done it many times before (minimal training & management)
  • We will add revenue and value to your business

Business Planning Topics to consider

  • Territory phasing - which ones first?

  • Current partner program appropriate for Europe?

  • Localization - what is really necessary?

  • Lead generation & branding awareness - options?
  • Product evaluation/sale or return procedure?
  • Technical support - what are the basic requirements?
  • Competition & Product differentiation?
  • Goals & Revenue targets?

Marketing Program Planning to consider

  • Audit & define strategy
  • Manage European launch
  • Lead generation
  • Plan & manage events
  • Establish press relations
  • Localization of collateral & website
  • Market research

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