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Some Quotes and References from our Clients

Acrylis Inc. Based in Chelmsford, MA USA
Linux web administrator support systems
"PTE operates as Acrylis Europe. They have helped Acrylis to sell our middleware products and prepare plans to roll out our new web management & control products. They have successfully generated revenues that we certainly could not have achieved without them".
Reg Broughton, CEO, Acrylis Inc.

Altiga Networks (NOW CISCO)
Based in Franklin, MA USA
VPN Concentrator Products


"I the short time that I have dealt with PTE, I have no doubt that you will be instrumental in Altiga's success along with your own. You are class A material and I hope that I have the opportunity to work, see and talk to you in the not too distant future. As soon as I get settled in again at my new job, I will drop you all a line to touch base."
Bill Thompson, Altiga

Altigen Communications

"Both myself and the people at Altigen appreciate your efforts  over the years, particularly in the light of the limited resources we've been able to allocate to Europe"
Jeremiah Fleming, President and COO.

Bluetail AB (Now Alteon).
Based in Stockholm, Sweden
Web and Email Server Performance Software

"Prior to Bluetail's acquisition by Alteon, we were very pleased with the help and assistance Products to Europe gave us in finding partners in Germany." Ann Louise Palm, Sales and Marketing Director, Bluetall AB.

N-able Technologies.
Based in Ontario, Canada.
"I would like to thank Bill and Peter for working with N-able in the early stages of our European expansion. It was a pleasurable experience for me."
Gavin Garbutt, President and CEO
Protego Networks
(now CISCO)

Thanks for all your help getting Protego set up in Europe. Products To Europe were the cornerstone of our EMEA expansion with their energetic support of our channel development efforts. Relationships were quickly established with channels in several European countries, particularly the UK and Germany. PTE certainly has excellent contacts to leading channel partners in the EMEA and any organisation considering expansion into Europe should seriously consider PTE as a credible option for gaining immediate traction with minimum cost and risk.
Chris Blask, VP Business Development.

SoftkIone Ltd. UK Distributor


"Without PTE we would not be selling the Acotec products today. They provide an invaluable interface between the vendor and ourselves as Distributor."
Alan West, managing Director, SoftKlone 

Systech Corporation

"Bill, I do not recommend anyone whom I do not have the fullest confidence in their performance. You are welcome - the recommendation was well earned from the things you have done in the past."
Mark Fowler. CEO.


"I must say I am very pleased with our relationship with Products to Europe. Our product is in the emerging category, and sales are by no means simple order taking! We have several initiatives with our new partners and our market development is on track." Tom Toperczer, VP Sales

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