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About Products to Europe (PTE)
How PTE - The Market Acceleration Company for Europe can help your business

Products To Europe (PTE) is an accelerator / business development / outsourced sales company but who primarily work as part of your "team". We are the leading market acceleration company for networking products. It is our mission to maximise our vendors' capital value by increasing "revenue" and "presence" in the different markets of Europe. We have now been carrying out this mission successfully for the last 10 years and have worked with 32 different companies headquartered in 8 different countries.

PTE operate from offices in most of the major countries of Europe with our team of experienced Associates who have in-depth local knowledge of European partners. This team of account managers is reinforced by a multilingual telemarketing group fluent in six languages and a knowledgebase of top Value Added Distributors (VADs), VARs, System Integrators (SIs) and Service Providers (SPs) in each European country profiled by areas of networking expertise and vendor accreditation.

We will act as your advisors to help find the best routes to market in Europe, but most of all we want to succeed with "you" and see with "you"  the rewards of successful sales and revenues.

With a market size approximately 63% bigger than that of North America, penetrating the European market is an essential step to achieving market dominance on a global scale. But the reality of addressing a combined population of over 495m people spread over 27 countries speaking 21 different languages often means that the opportunity is delayed, or at worst, ignored.

PTE assists all vendors, but particularly start-ups (US and also European) and companies who are new to some or all of the different European countries to penetrate this lucrative European market by overcoming the issues that often hinder this sales expansion such as lack of time, resources, local knowledge and investment.

We are always looking for additional Associates with knowledge of routes to market in Europe who have a proven track record of achieving successful sales and revenues

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